February 11, 2009

The Lake Victoria

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The Lake Victoria the source of the river Nile and the largest Lake in Eastern Africa isĀ  a magnificent place to be. While the in the recent past it has had it,s share of problems like the attack by the water haiycinth it still place worth visiting. Some of the interesiting things include The Lake Victoria Safari village which a must see in Mbita, and nothing beats a stay at the lighthouse but since there is only on room in it the is usually a que so make sure you book early. Sailing Excursion for island hopping and fishing can be easily be organised in the 25 seater Lady Viking and the smaller Queen Loice. At certain times, the lake flies are around but they are harmless. The Ruma National Park, home to the Roan antelope (may not be around for long) is a stone through away, night fishing is an interesting activity, and finally home to Mama Sara Obama (Kogelo Village) is in the vicinity.

February 4, 2009

Revisiting the Wonder of Maasai Mara

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Since the declaration of the Maasai Mara as the 7th wonder the Maasia Mara Game Reserve has become one of the greatest toursit destinations in the world. The fact that the breathtaking wildlife migration (which is what earned it the recognition) is a few months away has not dissipated the surge in tourism numbers. Not even the dry weather as dampened their spirits.

Masai Mara handles 75% of the safari toursits coming to Kenya and this year the number is expected to exceed 80% during the high season starting July. The main road to the Mara has been under repairs for last 15 months or so and is nearing completion. in Early 2007 there were torential rains that had rendered the pak inaccessible, this had placed the enormous park in trouble. With the road almost complete it is now accessible both by air and road.

Some hotels you may consider lodging at while you are there include

Mara Interpids | Mara Explorer | Mara Serena Safari Lodge

February 3, 2009

How to Book a Hotel in Kenya

Booking for a hotel in Kenya can be as easy as abc or can take a whole week with plenty of emails back and forth just to get the right hotel and room especially when you are on a tight budget.

First one needs to browse for the hotels one go to seach engine and look fro the various hotels by typing in the name of property on interest. This will then generate a whole lot of accomodation sites, both ocal and international. From here you then have to sift through the mass of information until you find the right site.

You then have to look for the cotanct page and send an enquiry form or email and await their response. 5 out of 10 acctually see the enquiry and 2 ot of 10 respond to it within the first week. Chances are the rest may never respond.

Another option is to identify a business to business site or hotel portal that has lisitngs for various properties and there prices the advatage of this is that a quick price comparision can be done on the spot. This saves on alot of time as you jumb sifting stage. A good B2B site may also incorporate a safe payment system. These are the ones i really like save you the waiting time and also the time of having to go to the bank to effect the transfer.

How but that???

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