March 30, 2009

Push for bolder steps to benefit from eco-tourism

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Global tourism must play its part in sustainable development and poverty alleviation,where climate change is a major concern and air transport makes a significant contribution,sustainable Tourism Development.It is also important to tell the public that International tourism has played a major role in preserving biodiversity and in conservation in general.
Without tourism,the pantanal,the world’s largest wetland,would have just turned into a major cattle feed -lot.If it weren’t for tourism,Africa would not have it’s game parks and nature preserves ,and the coral Triangle would have been devastated by overfishing.”Tourism is not the problem;the challenge is how to do tourism right”.
Sustainable tourism,like sustainable development,is ”Such a vague concept that no one disagrees with but you can mean anything you want it to”.As a result,there are many policies on sustainable development but not much action.

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