April 20, 2009

Elephants Endangered

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As tourism is the second in revenue generating from agriculture,we have to protect the game and their habitat as this will make many of our wildlife extinct in the next 10 years.It is estimated that about 37,000 African elephants are killed by poachers each year and in Kenya alone the number of poached elephants has doubled in the past 12 months .

Conservationist are now claiming that the ivory confiscation and increase in poaching were proof that fears expressed at the time of the sale would fuel renewed demand for illegal tusks have come true as to the controversial convention on International Trade in Endangered species where cities to approve the sale to China and Japan of 108 tonnes of tusks from four South African Countries with sustainable elephant populations.

Campaigners believe the legal trade is being used as a disguise to smuggle ivory to China,where there is burgeoning demand for names seals,carvings and polished tusks and concern that newly introduced counter trafficking measures are inadequate.

These alarmingly successive incidents are an indication that there is an escalation in elephant poaching in African range states and an upsurge in illegal trade of ivory in the Far East markets.The ban on the sale of ivory has been credited with halting catastrophic decline in Africa’s elephant population.War on illegal ivory and game smuggling is spread on all the cities will this lead to the decline of the illegal trade.

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