April 21, 2009

Villagers in Eastern province turn to poaching as starvation hit kambaland

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Snares and arrows are now used to clamp and kill by poachers in the arid Machakos District of Eastern province.This calls for a concerted effort between relevant stakeholders in order to contain these vices.

The most affected animals are the antelopes,wildebeests and deer.Following the persistent droughts experienced in ukambani and the environs people are starving and hence poaching is becoming even more sophisticated.

That dependency should be such that it is sustainable in order to avoid their depletion since charcoal burning is also rampant in the area where resources have been depleted then the ecosystem restoration is necessary.Where species have been poached translocation frrom other ranging areas for reintroduction must follow.

As the droughts continue,more people are heading to the forest in search of an alternative formof income specifically charcoal burning and population of the species can only survive if they have large enough habitataor enough possibilities to interact with other populations.Due to the fragmentation of their habitats as aresult of changes in land use,many species in Kenya have disappeared or may diasappear in the near future if we do not protect the m and their habitats.

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