April 24, 2009

Global Crunch Hits Kenya’s Tourism

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The number of tourist visiting Kenya this year went down after the election violence and the experienced global crunch where most hotels have recorded low bookings .Most potential foreign tourists are reportedly scouting for cheaper destinations as the economic crisis takes its toll, the latest World Travel Market (WTM) has discovered.

According to the WTM , nearly 65 per cent of tourists are now considering cheaper holiday destinations for the next 12 months in a bid to beat the crunch.Close to 65 per cent of many tourists will be switching to cheaper holiday destinations over the next 12 months so as to beat the crunch.

It was reported that the credit crunch was an indicator that the development of tourism would continue to be driven by the attitudes of consumers in the source markets.This might be true as local tour operators said recently that the financial crunch had continued to sink its teeth into the world economies, forcing consumers to resort to scouting for affordable destinations.

It is high time for Kenyan authorities to read the signs of the times by hatching a plan such as to lower its entry fees to its national parks in order to get a share from tourists who are shifting goals.Our disadvantage is that our products seem to be expensive even in the wake of the global economic slowdown, yet we don`t have a national carrier all these factors will deny us to tape our share on the global tourism market.

Nearly 60 per cent of total travel package normally goes to air tickets, which means Kenya, with no airline, loses over half of its revenue to international airlines, he noted.Other mitigation should be to lower landing fees and ground handling charges for tourists and international flights during the recession period so as to attract tourists.(Guardian)

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