May 12, 2009

The Secret Seven

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Pangolin:This scaly creature curled up in a giant artichoke.The animal is widespread but notoriously elusive, it continues to frustrate many a seasoned safari wathcher.

Caracal:The field guides reveal this beautiful cat to be one oof Africa’s most widespread carnivores.

Black footed cat:To spot this tiny cat you will need to search the arid scrubland of South Africa’s Karoo by night and probably for a long time

Coelacanth:This ancient fish, presumed extinct for 65 million years, first turned up on a South African trawler in 1938. Since then more have appeared in Indian Ocean locations, including off Kenya and Tanzania. But as they generallly live at 100m or below, live sightting are only for deeep sea- divers.

Pel’s Fishing Owl: This enigmatic, apricot – coloured owl has acquired a ceratin mystique among birdwatchers. But some locations, including Zambia Luangwa valley, offer reliable sightings.

Okapi: So elusiveĀ  is this cousin of giraffe that it was not described by western science until 1902. Today it is confined to the Iluri rainforest of the Domocratic Republic of Congo, where its striped coat blend into the dappled under-storey.

Congo Peacock:This shy bird was discovered even after in 1936. Scientists were amazed to find that it has close affinities with Asian peafowl.

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