May 6, 2009

The Olympic Eleven

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Cheetah: This big cat is the world’s fastest sprinter, reaching speed of up to 110 kph in its pursuit of nippy prey. It can only sustain this for 200-300m for fear of terminally overheating.

Whale Shark:Its 1.5m wide maw and is designed solely for engulfing planktons. Big individuals may exceed 12m in length and weigh up to 15 tonnes.

Giraffe: Thia is the worlds tallest animal, with mature bulls reaching 5m or more. It also has the largest heart of terrestrial mammal, the extra pumping power helping to get the blood to distant extremities.

Ostrich:This is the world biggest bird (up to 2.5m tall) and the fastest runner on two legs ( up to 60 kph). It has the largest eyes of any land animal (up to 5cm across) and the world largest egg – which, at1.5kg, makes a decent omelette for 25 people.

Peregrine Falcon:It has a faster flying speed than any other creature. During its aerial stoop on prey (when it folds its wings and plumments downwards on an unsuspecting pigeon or water bird), it can exceed 180kph.

Goliath Beetle:Its a huge insect which is among the world’s heaviest, with the grubs of some species weighing more than a mouse.

Red Billed Quelea:This small member of the weaver family is the world’s most numerous bird, despite being confined in Africa. Flocks millions – strong, pulsing like giant shoals of fish, can strip a harvest in hours.

Gorilla:This massive animals already scales the podium as the world’s largest primate: mature silverback males may exceed 220kgs.

Goliath Frog:Africa largest frog is bigger than its smallest antelope. The goliath frog, confined to coastal rivers in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, can weigh up to a massive 3 kgs.

Sociable Weaver:A sparrow – like bird of the Kalahari, builds the world’s largest colonial nest. The immense twig – and grass structure may span more than 5m and contain individual apartments for over 100 pairs of weaver bird.

Egg – Eating Snake: The snake can swallow an egg three times the size of its own head

May 5, 2009

Kenya Garden of Eden

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The Aberdares are the original Garden of Eden. A mist wreathed realm were elephants roam through lichen – clad forests, spectacular waterfalls plunge into churning pool and trout – filled streams cascade through mossy dells, this beautiful national park is one of the gems of the Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

When the mist clears, the Aberdares offers matchless view of Mount Kenya’s glittering coronet, while the dense forest is home to the elusive and endangered bongo antelope. Black leopards can also be found here, and there have been reports of an exceptionally rare golden cat.

Nesting deep in the forest of Aberdares National Park, Treetops – the original tree lodge rises straight out of the ground on stilts and has four decks and a rooftop platform perfect for viewing the rhinos, elephants and other wildlife.

Treetop is located near the path of an ancient elephant migratory route between the Aberdares Mountain and Mt. Kenya , Treetops almost guarantees riveting wildlife viewing. As well as watching the dramas unfold at the waterhole from the safety of the viewing decks and rooftop platform, guets can also enjoy close – up views fronm two photographic hides at ground level.

May 4, 2009

Kenya’s Domestic Tourism

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Domestic Tourism is Tourism of resident visitors within the economic territory of the country of reference it  has become a significant form of tourism in Kenya where it is found that it can cushion off the tourism industry during low periods of international tourist arrivals with tourist product well geared for domestic tourism .

Most Kenyans assume that the cost of tourism is so high that it is cheaper driving to the Rural homestead than to the coast of Mombasa or the Lodge in Maasai Mara for a weekend retreat, and that it is the white person who should go for a holiday in the various hotels and lodges in the wild and the coast.

It is not a wonder to mention that many Kenyans do not Know the availability of tourism destinations in Kenya,by offering incentive Domestic Tour Packages to individuals, Families, corporate, Government and parastatal organizations where they will be able to afford and visit hotels,tourist sites ,game parks to promote the tourism sector and remove the mentality of the places are rich mans paradise.

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