June 9, 2009

Cut to slow down Tourism

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The 2009/2010 budget cut in the tourism industry seems to be a disaster and also to the economy. Cuffed with a 20% drop in earnings for 2008 period and a 40% drop in tourist arrivals, tourism is pinning hopes on the private sector.

Compared to last the previous year, the board statistics indicate that the sector earned Shs 52.7 billion from Shs.64.4 billion. In terms of arrivals, a combination of last year’s post election violence and the prevailling global ecomomic crisis resulted in a paltry one million visitors compared to over 2 million in 2007.

The monistry of tourism has requested slightly over 1 billion to support its marketing activities as it seeks to rev up a market weighed down by effects of the post election violence and the current global finacial crises. In the current fiscal year, the government alocation to the sector went up 26% to Sh 600million for use by the kenya Tourist Board (KTB) to promote destination Kenya.

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