July 7, 2009

Rush to view wildebeest migration

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The wildebeest migration season is here once again, and the number of visitors to view the migarttion is set tio increase as the spectacle unfolds. Statistics show taht more than one million wildebeest are ususally on the move during the event that occurs between June and October. The wildebeest migrate and between the Serengeti and Mara Savannah in Tanzania and Kenya.

The increased felling of trees along the Mau escarpment is like;ly to interfere with the natural flow of water that passes through the Mara. Media companies are trooping into the Maasai Mara, publicity generated by the documentaries will drive up the number of tourists visiting the Mara.

There is an overwhelming demand, which calls people all over the world inquring about the spectacle. There is an aggresive campaign to market Wildlife Safari which is on of the countries best brand. These campaign has been launched both locally and internationally. Wildlife safari’s climax is the wildebeest migration which is a remarkabele attraction which makes Kenya one of the best destinations in the world.

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