July 21, 2009

High tourist season with high expectations

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The global economic downturn and last years (2007) post -election violence slowed the rapid growth in Kenya’s tourism business, but it turns out the two misfortunes slowed it. Because of the pressure on cost-cutting Western holiday -makers to reduce stress that comes with financial depression and make up for the 2008 miss, tourism is beginning to boom again.

A mood that was deeply uncertain just a few months ago has turned much more optimistic. Major hotel chains have reopened with a bang, registering more than 80 per cent occupancy as the high season sets in. The weekly flights have also increased to 14 flights per week in which the numbers are said to increase significantly. Air Italy is operating four flights per week and it is scheduled to increase to 13 while other airlines like the Blue Panorama, Livingstone and Eurofly all from Italy will be operating between three and seven flights per week.

Growth in the tourism industry is expected to range between 10-15 percent to be in tandem with previous performance. Eight more flights have confermed to soon start flightsto Mombasa including Air Europe, Britania Airways, Excel Airways, Air Australia, Air Mediterenee amd Melev Air.

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