July 23, 2009

Variety is the spice of life in magnificent game parks

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What makes Kenya fascinating as a wildlife destination is the sheer iversity of its many parks. Thanks to the wide variety of altitude, climate and topography, Kenya can offer the visitor a huge range of animal types. No single park will allow you to view every animal indigenous to Kenya, so it is important to draw upan intinerary that will include various locations. Some parks have an abudance of one species, burt a scarcity of another.

Travel between parks is comparatively easy. Many smallfirms operate light aircrafts to and from Nairobias well as well as between parks, which have their own landing strips. These flights are surprisingly inexpensive as well as much quicker than the overland alternative.

Nevertheless, many visitors find it more convenientto be picked up by a minibus or 4*4 vehicle from Nairobi and driven from park to park in the same vehicle. This is the best way to experience the real Kenya that lies beyond the game parks. Most of it all, of the larger parks and reserves have lodge or two for overnight accommodation or longer stays.There are also tented camps. Many lodges and camps are unexpectedly luxurious, considering their remote loaction,and serve food of high standards.

Kenya’s best known wildlife destination is the northern portion of the great Serengeti Plains, known as the Masai Mara, which contains a high concentration of Africa’s ‘big five’ species. Its comparative closeness to Nairobi, its wide open expanses so familiar from wildlife documentaries and its highly developed tourism facilities combine to make Masai Mara the number one destination for most first time visitors – especially those who come to see the migration during July and September.

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