August 31, 2009

Wild Animals not spared by drought

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Nairobi national park has eight new rare residents – white rhinos. The huge animals have been moved from Lake Nakuru to save them from starvation as their former habitat has been hard hit by drought.The acute shortage of pasture has forced the Kenya Wildlife Service to relocate the huge herbivores to the Nairobi Park.

Ten rhinos were to be moved but KWS rangers were still searching for two females. The white rhinos were targeted for relocation because of their rarity not only in the country but also in the world.

The number of white rhinos is also being reduced at Nakuru National Park to prevent injuries that a result of territorial fights as dominant males fight young adults.

Nakuru National Park has been hit hard by the drought that has resulted in rivers that traverse the park drying up and the level of water in the Lake Nakuru going down due to the destructive human activities in Mau forest.

The white rhinos bear the brunt as they are grazers and depend on grass in contrast to their cousins, the black rhinos, which feed on shrubs and trees.There are 327 white rhinos compared to 609 black rhinos in Kenya.

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