September 10, 2009

Fastest animal is also slowest learner

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Cheetah, the fastest predator on earth, lives in low attitude areas especially in the savanna plains of sub-Saharan Africa. They are lanky animals, of ten living alone or in pairs, which barely grow to above 40 kilograms. Their prey consist mainly of small to medium-sized antelopes, burrowing animals like hare and warthogs.

They depend on sheer speed to catch their quarry. On straight stretch of savanna, a cheetah can accelerate up to 80 kilometers per hour. It outruns its prey then uses a long horn – nail on either of its front legs to trip the animal.Like all cats, it then goes for the throat, and gives crushing bite to the jugular vein using its sharp.

Due to the energy- sappingrun a cheetah employs in a hunt, it may take up to ten minutes catching its breath before it starts feeding on a kill. At the moment, cheetah conservationists say, the cat ends up losing 80% of its catch to rogue scavengers like hyena and strong bullies like lions and leopards.Cheetahs  do not attack other animals apart from their prey. However, they can be dangerous if provoked from close quartes, responding with a bite or a scratch.

September 9, 2009

Fun and play at Deep West Resort

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Deep West Resort is situated along Koggo star in Nairobi West and borders Langata Road. Elegantly designed, the distinct building is inspired by the rich heritage of various African countries. It serene and peaceful during the day but noisy in the evening when a variety of live bands play to appreciative patrons. The crowd here is mature and includes foreigners.

Architecturally, the resort has an African -cun-Italian design with maroon and light decorated walls. Colorful wallpapers cover a section of the expansive resort. A simple but attractive chandelier is placed at the main entrance. Smooth wooden tables, metals and leather chairs matched with brown and black African artifacts contribute to the inviting ambiance.

Another ambience of attraction is the silky maroon roof over the dance floor. Deep West is not just a club but a hotel, too. Rooms come in doubles or singles and are tastefuly decorated in warm, summer colours.

September 1, 2009

Africa is safe and people warm

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American citizen Aaron Bodansky, who cycled from Cape Town to Nairobi to Nairobi to prove to the world that Africa is a safe despite the negative attributes portrayed by the foreign media, has expressed his gratitude for the successful journey he had, commending people of the region for their hospitality.

He added that the western media to portray Africa honestly rather than emphasise on the negatives normally found in their daily reportage of events in the continent. He urged his compatriots not to be afraid to visit Africa as it is a safe destination and people are friendly.

Aaron cycled for 70 days, said he wanted to prove to the world that Africa is a safe destination contrary to how the Western media portrays it. The American neurology student said citizens of the countries he traversed assisted him on different occasions by providing him with food and shelter. He also commended wildlife protection personnel for the different times that they came to his rescue during encounter with wild animals.

Among the challenges he encountered included brake failures, 15 punctures, and carrying his bicycle on his shoulders in Malawi were road construction was underway.

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