September 1, 2009

Africa is safe and people warm

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American citizen Aaron Bodansky, who cycled from Cape Town to Nairobi to Nairobi to prove to the world that Africa is a safe despite the negative attributes portrayed by the foreign media, has expressed his gratitude for the successful journey he had, commending people of the region for their hospitality.

He added that the western media to portray Africa honestly rather than emphasise on the negatives normally found in their daily reportage of events in the continent. He urged his compatriots not to be afraid to visit Africa as it is a safe destination and people are friendly.

Aaron cycled for 70 days, said he wanted to prove to the world that Africa is a safe destination contrary to how the Western media portrays it. The American neurology student said citizens of the countries he traversed assisted him on different occasions by providing him with food and shelter. He also commended wildlife protection personnel for the different times that they came to his rescue during encounter with wild animals.

Among the challenges he encountered included brake failures, 15 punctures, and carrying his bicycle on his shoulders in Malawi were road construction was underway.

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