March 23, 2009

Natural Resources

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Tourism sector in western Kenya has been dull thus leading to a formation of a body to that will expose the region’s many attractions.Apart from highlighting its cultural heritage,places of natural beauty,and histirical importance,where there will be an establishment of a cultural heritage centre,which apart from sellingcurios,it will also be a venue for entertainment.

Already,a slew of activities have been lined up in Kisumu to increase the traffic of tourists to the region.Its inaugural tourism fair,showcasing attractions in the region,is set to be held later in the year,the expo will provide an opportunity for traders and visitors to exchange ideas .

An international tourism festival,dubbed the Obama Root Fete,organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Forum for Cultural Heritage Promotion , and a group from chicago US,is also planned later in the year.Other planned strategies are the preparation of register all hotels, tour and travel operators and other general businesses,which will be placed at the airport and other public places for tourists.
The Western Kenya tourism Circuit, which includes Nyanza and Western provinces and parts of RIft Valley Provinces, boasts of attractions such as Thim Lich Ohinga, Simbi Nyaima, Mt Elgon,Kakamega Forest,Ndere Island,Impala,Saiwa Swamp and Ruma national parks,with Nyangoma Kogelo the pertenal home of the US president Barack Obama being the newest attraction.(Daily Nation March 09 )

February 11, 2009

The Lake Victoria

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The Lake Victoria the source of the river Nile and the largest Lake in Eastern Africa isĀ  a magnificent place to be. While the in the recent past it has had it,s share of problems like the attack by the water haiycinth it still place worth visiting. Some of the interesiting things include The Lake Victoria Safari village which a must see in Mbita, and nothing beats a stay at the lighthouse but since there is only on room in it the is usually a que so make sure you book early. Sailing Excursion for island hopping and fishing can be easily be organised in the 25 seater Lady Viking and the smaller Queen Loice. At certain times, the lake flies are around but they are harmless. The Ruma National Park, home to the Roan antelope (may not be around for long) is a stone through away, night fishing is an interesting activity, and finally home to Mama Sara Obama (Kogelo Village) is in the vicinity.

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