June 26, 2009

Discover the myth of Africa

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That 45 second video clip being aired on CNN may change the views of tourists about kenya untill they set to discover the Magic of Africa,then vow never to return because they were either conned by traders,frustrated by unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy.mugged by sttreet urchins and other petty thieves.Even then,we will be happy that the tuorists came,and even happierthat in only 45 seconds the world knew that there is more to Kenya than Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga the two people who always go around in circles over issues and then get entangled in a war of words that ws avoidable if they could admit their past mistakes.The promotional video is long overdue,you may argue and add that it is probably pointless because we have totally failed to put up structures that can support our Magic of Africa claim.We are selling the same things we have sold since independencewhen the contries whose annual tourism members currentlygrow by double digits were not preffered oreven known destinations.Given half the chance,even you would opt for the latter,which is not only cost effective but is well scripted and is not being narrated by a mindless person who sees you as a fair game who should conned out of his foreign currency because you must be a nincompoop to travel across the Atlantic just to see the world animals.

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