May 15, 2009

Healthy Travel Tips

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Be prepared:get good night’s sleep before you travel, eat a light meal and take some gentle exercise before arriving at the terminal.

Dress Down:Wear lose, comfortable clothing and shoes that are not too restrictive.

Hydrate:On longer journeys low cabin humidity can cause dry eyes,nose and throat. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice(keep alcohol, tea and coffee to a minimum as these can lead to dehydration). If possible, remove contact lenses and apply skin moisturiser and lip balm.

Keep moving:Keep your circulation going by sanding up and walking in the aisle when possible. By carrying put some simple stretching exercise in your seat every few hours you will feel much fresher on arrival.Flex diffrent muscles in your feet, legs,arms,shouldersand neck. Sluggish circulation causes tiredness,muscle crampsand water retention(the cause of swollen feet). It can also result in bllod clots,which can be dangerous if they move to a vital organ.

Eat Right:Eat a light, well balanced meal before you travel and a smaller helping than usual on the aircraft. Avoid too much salt,sugar and dairy products-and also try to steeer of fizzy drinks and gaseous food. Moderate your intake of alcohol,tea and coffee,and drink a lot of water throughout the flight. Eating and drinking in excess,or consuming the wrong kinds of food,can lead to indigestion and uncomfotable bloating.

Stay focused:If you are prone to moyion sickness  dring take -off landing or in the event of turbulence,focus on a fixed objest. some believe applying pressure to your earlobes can reduce neusea.

Watch your Body Clock:When travelling across times zones your body’s sleep rhythms can become disrupted ,leading to insomnia, losss of appetite and fatigue. Prepare your body lock by getting a good night’s sleep before your flight. Try to give yourself a couple of relaxed days to adjust to new night and day cycless when you arrive. On quick trips,try to adjust your eating and sleeping patterns before laeving home.

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