May 13, 2009

Kakamenga Forest a natural success

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Kakamenga forest,the easternmost fragment of the Guinea – Congolian rainforest, is world famous for its unique biodiversity, which includes a huge variety of pants , birds,reptiles, mammals and insects. Sitting on the fringes of this forest in western Kenya is the village of Virhembe, a contrastingly nondescript neighborhood for such a famous site.

Kakamenga forest is invaluable to the people living around it ,many of whom depend on it for timber,fuel-wood,herbal medicines,food, income and new land for Agriculture and settlement.However increasing human and economic pressure,and haphazard,excessive and wasteful exploitation posed a threat to its survival.

There are several projects set by the people living within the area, there is the Muliru Farmers Conservation Group that came together in an effort to try and conserve the forest and earn a livelihood, by planting tree seedings in their homesteads which they would sell to neighbours.These project has been beneficial to the members bcauser they have build better homes. A lot of them, the low levels of literacy notwithstanding, are eager to acquire computer and business management skills.

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