April 9, 2009

Online Trading

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Creativity is the most appreciated form of art many are always finding them selves in,as here in our country we do find electronic artist creating good websites but marketing them is still a big problem thus limits their potential in being used as income generating tool.

Online trading has not yet matured in Kenya due to the fact that most people still don’t regard website as a tool that can be used to generate income other than providing information.

Lack of online interface that links our organizations,firms and companies with banks that can allow end to end online transactions including the real time payment for hotel bookings as offered by our site as the world is going digital we don’t want to be left behind as other countries are minting over billions in sales of online tourism through direct and intermediary channels.

The web is is the primary source of information for over 70 percent of global travelers on average,but in younger professional demographics that figure rises to over 80 percent.where in Africa, the online market share is negligible and with exception of Kenya and more strategic in the way to market the country as a tourism destination with the help of our business community.

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