August 28, 2009

Plan to save the seventh wonder of the world

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The Kenya Wildlife Service has proposed a strategic plan to save wildlife and eco-system in the Mara. The strategy seeks to eliminate human-animal conflict and review construction of hotels and tented camps inside the park. Similar plans are at play at the Tsavo National Park. In Tsavo a plan dubbed Tsavo eco-region conservation management plan calls for the reduction of human -wildlife conflicts, prevent poaching and stabilize population of lions.

The plan will lead to demarcation and restoration of the destroyed animal paths, dispersal areas and reduce encroachment of the park and improve the locals people. If embraced communities will be involved in the management and protection of wildlife. Tanzania authorities who manage the Serengeti national park will be roped in.

The proposal will address the conservation of forests that act as migration corridors. If the Mara and its ecosystem is to be preserved, an inter-departmental approach between the ministries of Land, Environment, Tourism and Wildlife and forestry will be necessary,

The Maasai Mara has 2,000 elephants and 4,060 hippos. While Tsavo on a 40,000 square kilometre is home to 12,000 elephants. There are 32,000 elephants in Kenya.

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