May 10, 2009

The Eight Oddball

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Aardvark:The body of a pig , ears of a rabbit , tail of a kangaroo and nose of an ant-eater – plus spade – like claws that can excavate a 13m tunnel and 30cm- long tongue that can lap up to 50,000 termites in a night.

Naked Mole Rat:This peculiar rodent has a naked, wrinkled body and huge incisor teeth. It lives in ‘anti-like’ colonies, with ‘workers’ tending a ‘queen’.

Mandrill:A male mandrill’s red nose and blue cheeks resemble the colour scheme of his rear qurters, providing a sexual come-on to females and a warning flag to rival males.

Fiddler Crab:Check out a movement in the mangroves and you might spot this eccentric crustacean waving his single, outsized claw like a giant baseball mitt.

African Skimmer:The bizarre bill of this tern-like bird has a lower mandible longer than the upper – perfect for trawling the water for titbits asĀ  the bird flies above.

Chameleon:With a tongue the length of its body, eyes that rotate 360degrees, a prehensile tail,toes fused into tongs and a skin that changes colour with mood.

Ground Hornbill:There is a beauty -and -the-beast feel to this big bird, with its odd combination of elegant eyelashes and grotesque throat sac.

Hammerhead Bat:The huge hooter on Africa’s largest fruit bat acts as a loundspeaker. Males perform in special arboreal arenas called leks, while watching females select those that most impress them.

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