August 5, 2009

Why flamingos stand on one leg

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It is one of the simplest one of the simplest but most enigmatic mysteries of nature. Just why do flamingos like to stand on one leg? Flamingos stand on one leg to regulate  their body temperature The study which was carried out recenly was specialised in finding out if Flamingos show any preference over which side of their body they use for various tasks, just as a human may be right or left- handed.

Flamingos preffer to rest with their head with their heads on one side more than the other, and that which side a flamingo rests its head determines how aggressive it is towards others in the flock.Flamingos do not prefer to rest on one leg more than the other.

Those that prefer to rest their heads to the left are more likely to be involved in aggressive encounters with other birds. That lends support to the idea that being right-handed, or left-handed in this way helps promote the sociol cohesion in flamingos. Flamingos prefer to stand to stand on one leg far more often when  they are standing on land.

In short the birds stand on one leg to conserve body heat. If they put two legs in the water, rather than one, they would loose more heat than is healthy, parrticuarly as they spend so much wading. Other birds, such as herons, storks,ducks and many others often stand on a single leg in water, perhaps for the same reasons as flamingos.

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