May 27, 2009

Species head to extinction

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Biodiversity loss is one of the world’s most pressing crises and there growing global concern about the status of the biological resources on which so much of human life depends. It has been estimated that the current species extinction rate is between 1,000 and  10,000 times higher than it would naturally be.

Many species are declining to critical population levels, important habitats are being destroyed,fragmented, and degraded and ecosystems are being destabilized through climate change,pollution invasive species,and direct human impact. Some of the species on the International Union for Conservation (IUCN) red list of threatened species include:

Speke’s Gazelle:It is epidemic to the Horn of Africa. It was formally spread across the open barren grassland of Somalia but its numbers have reduced greatly by hunting ,drought and overgrazing of its habitat by domestic livestock scattered group of these animal were still occasionally encountered in eastern Ethiopian the mid 1980s.

Echo Parakeet:These bird is presently restricted to south-west Mauritius within the Black River Gorges National Park. Its overall population size remains extremely small  and it is restricted to a very small range within which habitat continues to decline in quality. This bird remains threatened by ongoing degradation of native habitat caused by invasive plant and herbivore species.

White – backed Vulture:Its the most widespread an d common vulture in Africa. Its global population is estimated at 270,000 individuals but like other African vultures species it has declined by 90% in West Africa.

Eastern Chimpazee:Due to high leves of  exploitation, loss of habitat and habitat quality due to expanding human activities ,this specie is estimated to have experienced a significant population reduction in the past 20 to 30 years

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